About Her, That's Me Now


"A rose is a rose is a rose."  

She would like to give back a rose in your psychology to Mother Mary at first. It looks like Zen, but please look at the roses in front of you which you can buy at the shop. What's this? This probably will be the basic portal for re-establishing your Christ consciousness and your inner connection with the Divine Mother. We are not focusing on humans'lower frequent competition games.



Every person on this planet has only one womb in the level of Galactic view of our solar system.


In short, woman has her own womb, and man has his biological mother's womb.

She sometimes thinks about this tremendously simple fact, and then, starts to meditate about her own inner connection between the divine masculine part and the divine feminine part.  For example, she observed about the difference of her left leg and right leg, or her left eye and right eye.



She wondered which part of life she could write here, and she decided to write a little bit of them.


She is Japanese. She was born in Yokohama,Japan. 


She's intuitive and instinctive. She occasionally becomes a fairy hermit and takes time to meditate to live on the Earth. She has an old wisdom, and ageless soul. She is one of the Indigo children, who are said to have begun appearing  into the world in the 1960 s with their veritcal Indigo color aura. She had a lot of scars, but the divine presence in her innermost self.


Her school education was Catholic from 6 to 18, and Japanese Buddhism in the university. When she was 12, her father passed away. She liked him very much and missed him and cried every day. She was not born in a Christian home. She often got difficulty breathing, but people around her had no way to console her soul. Her pressure as the oldest daughter was quite heavy. Her school life was completely grey.


It seems that she connected directly to her own Higher- self around that time. This is the subtle reason why she feels the necessity to write here about her father, who was her mother's husband, not in the sense of the Heavenly Father in the Christian religious concept.


She had the only way to feel inner love. That is through her inner connection with her  soul-self, and she couldn't understand well about that. She liked to feel her soul essence in connection with people from abroad. Such a kind of people were always around her since her childhood.



Since her relationship problems were hindering her creativity as a female, she had to learn a lot how she can stay in her skin, in her own body.


In her sincere spiritual inquiry or innocent gypsy soul journey, she visited to many countries, Hawaii, USA, California, Mt.Shasta, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Greece, Italy, UK, Glastonbury, Scotland, Iona Island, South America, Portugal, Spain, Canary Island, France, Netherlands and so on.   

She knows we can't keep holding something and we can only continuously flow. But as one of heart keepers and heart-knowingness people, she likes to remember some nostalgic encounters with soul family or soul mates. They happened in the normal towns or the sacred places near the ray line or the spiritual master's retreats or the group dynamics in the spiritual lessons.  


Her humbleness has often synchronized with people who live in Christ consciousness.



She has a Baptismal name in addition to the name which was recognized by the family register system of Japanese nationality. Japanese Catholic  people are like that. They don't use their Baptismal name ( Christian name) in terms of their public life. Japanese Christians are 0.08% in the Japanese population. They often go unnoticed and at the same time are often misunderstood.


She got baptized in her middle age. Her local self never imagined such a kind of spiritual action.



She began to use Flower Essences healing not only for emotional healing, but also for detox and resilience of her original cell awareness and transforms her DNA level's information, after experiencing various spiritual healing experiences.


If you wish, you can treat your personal issues through emotional healing without getting involved in the layers of religious debate; this is her prayer aligned with the divine alchemy of her higher purpose. Our inner child often needs smiles, laughter and goalless acrobatic play.



Unconditional love means surrendering to the great peace, sharing and helping good people within the higher collective consciousness of the God, universe.


She will be happy to serve you as a trained therapist.


It shows that she is one of the spiritual midwives. Such kind of lightworkers try to help people who want to transform, no matter how their background stories were.

In reality, our stories and self-images are constantly changing. 



Love is the answer. Life is our master. 


In her humbleness, with her inner sovereignty.

I AM presence, in Oneness.

In Lak'ech, (In Mayan.) - I am another yourself. (In English.)