About Her


"A rose is a rose is a rose."

It looks like Zen, but please give back a rose in your psychology to Mother Mary. This maybe the basic guidance for re-create your inner connection of Divine Mother.


Every person on this planet has only one womb in the level of Galactic view of our solar system.


In short, woman has her own womb, and man has his biological mother's womb.

She sometimes thinks about this tremendously simple fact, and then, starts to meditate about her own inner connection between the divine masculine part and the divine feminine part.  For example, she observed about the difference of her left leg and right leg, or her left eye and right eye.



She wondered which part of life she could write here, and she decided to write a little bit of them.


She's intuitive, instinctive, and a hermit meditator. She has an old wisdom, and ageless soul. She is one of Indigo children who began to emerge with the vertical indigo colors' aura since 1960. She had a lot of scars, but the divine presence in her innermost self.


She is a Japanese. She was born in Yokohama, Japan. 


Her school education was Catholic from 6 to 18, and Japanese Buddhism in the university. When she was 12, her father passed away. She liked him very much and missed him and cried every day. She was not born in a Christian home. She often got difficulty breathing, but people around her had no way to console her soul. Her school life was completely grey.


She seemed get connection with her own Higher- self directly. This state was the only way to feel love within, and also the way to see the world, but she couldn't express well about that then. She liked to embrace her soul essence in connection with people from abroad.



In her sincere spiritual inquiry or innocent gypsy soul journey, she visited to many countries, Hawaii, USA, California, Mt, Shasta, India, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Greece, Italy, UK, Glastonbury, Scotland, Iona Island, South America, Portugal, Spain, Canary Island, France, Netherlands and so on.   

She knows we can't keep holding something and we can only continuously flow. But as one of heart keepers and heart-knowingness people, she likes to remember some nostalgic encounters with soul family or soul mates. They were in the normal towns or the sacred places near the ray line or the spiritual master's retreats or the group activities in spiritual community.  


Her humbleness has often synchronized with people who live in Christ consciousness.



She has a Baptismal name in addition to the name which was recognized by the family register system of Japanese nationality.


She got baptized in her middle age. Her local self never imagined such a kind of spiritual action.



(Japanese Christians in Japan are 0.08% of the population. The most of Japanese are not interested in them, and the most of foreigners get confused if they try to see the clarity. 


Even since the Meiji government lifted the ban on Christianity about 170 years ago, after about 200 years of national isolation that began in the Edo period, much of the historical facts about the Japanese hidden Christians and martyred Christians have been covered up among the Japanese Buddhist group consciousness.

A large number of Japanese persecuted and eliminated Japanese Christians, rather than mixture of Shinto and Christianity.)




(If people are guided to meditate on our Lady of Fatima, the cosmic sun and the rosary pray, this person will automatically be guided to meditate on our Lady of Akita. 


She found the story of Akita Mary around 2020, and she felt sorry for herself to be honest. She couldn't stop to think that if she had known this story earlier, she might be able to save her soul sooner and easier.


Whatever she expressed naturally or passionately or desperately since her childhood, there was the issue of difunctional communication around her. But she is happy now to feel good vibes from Sister Sasagawa and people around her.


Akita Mary expressed many things, and her role in this matter was to let as many people as possible know about this. 


The wooden statue of our lady of Akita sanctuary shed tears 101times from 1975 to 1981. Sister Sasagawa channeled Mary's messages through her guardian angel. This extraordinary event was sanctioned as the Marian Apparition and the miracle of Virgin Mary. It was reported that the Vatican did not send their commission of inquiry and accepted that, because Sister Sasagawa's messages were the same as Fatima's third message, which remained veiled.


If you are a Christian in Japan or somebody of Christ tribes, please observe it once.


It is said to be a prayer that leads from the child of Eve who seduced Adam to the child of the Virgin Mary through Christ.

Please meditate on our original sin and our divine cell awareness in the cosmic sun consciousness, in the Great Central Sun, with our new angled lenses, if you want to.)



She has transcended the cosmic homesick which exactly only dolphins were the best friends. Her most recent challengeable lesson concerns her work on Earth Star chakras, Soul Star chakra and Causal chakra which is known as our memory chakra or past life chakra.   



There are traditionally said to 7 chakras. From a more expansive and professional point of view, we can observe our light body. It's possible to mention about our 12 chakras, including our above area of physical body- Soul Star chakra and Stellar Gateway chakra and more, and also our below area of physical body-Earth Star chakras. 



She often uses Flower Essences healing not only for emotional healing, but also for detox and resilience of her original cell aware and transform her DNA level's information.


Unconditional love is to share each other in the cosmic higher collective consciousness with nice people.



We are all one individuality, one person, but in oneness.

Who will be the miracle child of divine on this lifetime, within the positive spiral wave?  What is the magical mystery in our heart, but in each unit of body-mind-soul in spirit? 



Love is the answer. Life is our master.

"Why not feel your drops of tears from the empty sky of your heart? How about accept your sadness in your innocent soul? Live your own life. Please don't lose your most pure feeling with authenticity. Your drop of tears is sacred and more divine."

This is her inner voice which she received one day. 


She will be happy to serve you as a trained therapist with various studies and spiritual lessons. It shows that she is one of those spiritual midwives who tries to help people create something new and nourish each other, no matter what mothering experiences they have had in their lives.



In her humbleness, with her inner sovereignty.

In Lak'ech, (In Mayan.) - I am another yourself. (In English.)