Everybody is unique presence.  Love yourself. Let's heal yourself in your unity consciousness, if you want to.

What's Flower Essences?

In short, flower essences are flowers vibrational imprinted liquids. 


This highly sensitive healing method does not contain the actual ingredients of flowers or plants or any organisms, but only their vibrations. 


They are made of flowers & plants deva which means their own inherent spirits, clean water, and brandy as preserved.


These are all from Mother Nature.  They help us to take Vibrational healing with each

person's personal unique process.


(We call them " essences healing ", not " essence healing ", because there are so many flowers & plants & crystals on this planet. On the contrary, we call "Your essence bottle /Therapy essence bottle.") *


What's about our offers?

In our essences healing, we use flowers,

plants, crystals(gems), animals and        environmental essences for drinking or

aura-spray or cream on our skin or use

as the pendant.


My sessions are based on my humble intuition, well trained energy reading of human's energy fields, and spiritual practices & useful practical skills.



I will help to make an appropriate essence for your present issue, while I will respect your positive will & choice.


Are you interested in the mysterious healing through your heart? Within your authentic resonance with some flower's vibrations? 


Which area in your life do you want to heal? About your health & beauty issue?

Or heart matters? Or your life Career?  About your family or relationship? 


Let's find your intention at first when you take any flower essences. This careful setting will be the important approach for your healing journey with flower essences. 


And if you feel like, you can create your own positive affirmation which comes from your inner space such as hope, pray, divine will or whatever you want from your core sense. It will help you keeping aware of your reason why you drink the flower essences.   


Please remind that we don't want to recommend you to mixture the various essences without your positive motivation.  


I 'm ready to give you some professional advises, in my therapy reading. 

You can communicate with me in English or Japanese. I will humbly hear you in verbal communication, energy reading, Clairsentience and Clairaudience.



How can we help to protect our natural immune system?

Is it possible for us to be aware of love and compassion as a human being?


How can we consciously protect our natural immune system and take care of our physical and mental health?    


I will give you some suggestions how to handle and drink the essence bottle in your daily life.

** 【Online Session Mail Delivery is Ready】 **

Zoom online session is ready. English or Japanese therapy session is available.