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PHI Essences

*Gemstone essences, Mushroom essences, Cactus essences, Flower essences (Classic Bach, Rose, Wild, Orchid), Animal essences, Sea essences, Dolphin essence, Whale essence, Essence pendant, Aura spray, Crop circle essences Etc.*

PHI Essences producer Introduction

PHI Essences was produced by Mr. Andreas Korte, a Dutch German.

After graduating the university, he studied as the professional botanist, and he made the first flower essences at Central Europe and Mediterranean in 1984.   


After establishing his brand of Essences, PHI Essences, he founded " The International Flower Academy" in 1995

with some of essence's researchers from around the world.


He is one of the famous essence's    producers in the world and continues to hold his essences workshops and seminars (in English, German, French and Spanish) around the world, including Japan. 

Dolphin (Delph) Essence - The original since 1991- is very popular.



The original production with no damage petals and leaves

Andreas Korte doesn't use the traditional method in making any mother essences of his brand. 

He uses the natural geode stone vessel and the spring clean water in his own method. 


He explains, " I used to make my flower essences in the traditional way of pinch and pick petals and leaves under sunlight or moonlight with my meditative prayer.

And I noticed that the flower essences have the remain energy of cut. I started to look for another way. I have been getting successful on producing my company team's every essence in my own way up to now. "  



*Crop Circle Essences & Cards*

Crop Circle Essences are produced based on Mystery Circles. They are not for drink, but for Energetical Treatment Essences. Mystery circles are included ancient sacred geometry such as Flower of Life, Seed of Life, and Tree of Life etc. Crop Circles try to show us the origin of the world and the sanctity of life, or the principle of the universe and the nature.   


It is said they can be used for us to open the collective unconsciousness, raise the group vibration, accelerate self-healing, balance things on the planet. 


We can resonate with these powerful energies which are transmitted in our personal energy field. The simple method which we can feel their energy and the information of sacred geometric symbol is to place a crop circle essence bottle or a card in your room. Also, we can put on a crop circle essence pendant on our physical body.


These beautiful Crop Circles are created in hours with rapid speed and disappear in a few days. When PHI Essences producer, Andreas Korte creates the Essence of Crop Circle and take photographing them. I think it's important to write here; Mr. Korte obtains permission from nearby farmer and landowner to do so.  


There are already research reports to prove the difference between the real Mystery Circles from another dimension and the mere human mischievous. The real Crop Circles are often made on the place of sacred places or the places where wars happened in the past. It is said that Crop Circle Essences can revitalize sacred places and evolve human consciousness.