Our Mother Earth Essences &      Subtle level's Vibrational Healing

Do you have more interesting in our sensitive            energy work?

* Love Frequency 528Hertz~. *

You must be heard about some heart-warming stories that dolphins often rescue human's life in the ocean or give a chance to open human's heart.

It is said that we begin to feel love from 528Hertz or more. It is reported in the recent research that their vibrations are much higher than 528Hertz. 


Sounds and lights are, in one sense, the vibrational expressions. When you are listening to the music or the human's sing and feel uncomfortable, you may say that it's not for me, they can't touch to me. You may also feel that you don't like, maybe the vibration doesn't match. This intuitive representation is cool for understanding what's your vibration is. 


We are all planetary citizens.    Due to the multidimensionality of our emotional body...

Our eyes are the window of souls. Nobody wants to be treated rude. 

We sometimes smile to each other in our human's subtle energy field, regardless of the difference of mother tongue, religion and nationality. We feel completely okay then. And at the same time, we need the language communications to understand each other well, and live the human's lives. Human's mutual communications are very mysterious.


Our Boby is actually always vibrationally changing. But people don't usually say about that at the city hall or the bank in our human society. In this busy world, people don't take hearing their own body messages.   

For example, due to the multidimensionality of sadness and homesick, with its physical, emotional and psychological mental expression, self-judgement or general impression of this state may often misinterpreted as the symptom of immaturity or laziness or depressive escape, if a person stops to join in any social activity. 


We can make the flower essences therapy bottle for this person to try to understand the root of the emotional state. Some people may begin to align to their own higher frequent vibration and get the new horizon in their transformation. We call this vibrational change by flower essences vibrational healing.


Question & Answer

1)What about the side effects &                                  improvement reaction?

* Natural Remedy &          Safe Essences*

◎There are no side effects or addictive elements in flower essence healing. 

You can drink an essence in your self-responsibility, in another expression, in your flexibility and your own pace.


◎When you drink flower essence, please don't let the dropper touch your lips or tongue. It' necessity to keep them away from infant's hands.


◎To prevent electromagnetic waves, I

recommend you wrap your essence bottle in aluminum foil. 


◎During your healing journey, you may catch how your positive spiral shift is going on.  Some of you may have, so called, " our healing crisis time"- we call a-ha moment time or our improvement reaction.


You may sometimes have the negative thought that your situation is getting worse against your expectation, because you noticed the hidden emotion in your subconsciousness, or the disharmonious life aspect were coming up.


It is said that we don't need to focus on anxiety in this kind of inner conflict. It is not uncommon for us to experience such a struggle between the lower self and the higher self. We can observe the dawn before the morning light as our own inner healer. We can be patient with our inner process. 


◎In case of the long-time issue, it will often take time more than usual. You can have several sessions or take a rest for a while. It's actually up to you. You may ask to yourself kindly what to do for yourself.   


◎In my suggestion, you had better to treat your healing process very carefully as private, rather than taking mess in a social net surfing zone. 

Please imagine for yourself, if you want to. What will happen if you release your personal transformational drama on the internet social media? Comfortable for yourself and for others?

It's your sensitive choice and responsibility how to deal with that.  

2)What kind people are taking flower essences?

* Practical Information *

 1) Client User's Age Group. 

I am welcoming people over the age of 18 to my individual session. For children or babies or younger generations, I need absolutely their mother or father's help as their family's support. It is a rule violation to use or spray essence for someone without permission. I offer the therapy essence for yourself, not for somebody in your thought. These are based on the relationship between your healing process and your own inner observer.
2) Organic Brandy or Natural Vinegar.  
I will use Organic brandy as preserved, to prepare your essence. If you are a person who is not good at alcohol, please let me know. It's possible for you to use vinegar as preserved. 


3) No Wrong Essences.   
You don't have to be afraid for wrong essences. It means that our Essences vibrational healing has the positive aspect as the resonance healing.
Even if you take the un-appropriate essence for your issue, the un-appropriate essence will not simply be functioning within you, because of the law of vibration.
4) "Universal Scientific Names in the world" & Essences & Positive Intentions.
Every flower, plant and animal have the universal scientific name. These names are the same no matter where you go all over the world. They are originally belonging to Mother earth. Every legal Flower & Crystal & Animal Essences are basically created by positive intentions and respects for the local laws. I want to recommend you use the

legal flower essences, without descending into the state of lower nature, based on your positive intention, as a way of inner stance. 


3)Is there something else as my special advice?

* Handle your therapy essence bottle with care *

Fortunately, Flower Essences healing itself has never caused a serious infection, but you can use the boiling disinfection whenever you need it.


We are still working to prevent various mutual infections in our daily life. 

Please cherish your own way to prevent from disease. 


Whenever you need to change the flower essences bottle, you can use another empty bottle by sterilizing with boiling water for 20 minutes. And you can pour your therapy essence into the new essence bottle. It takes just for 25 minutes. If you need that, please ask me. 





【Online session is ready】

Zoom online session is ready. English or Japanese therapy session is available.