Mission & Healing Tools

** My Mission Statement **


1) I will help to make the therapy Flower Essence , and give you them in the beneficial & benevolent way.


2) I will give you my intuitive and professional advice for you.  


3)I will receive your feedback and consultation about my healing works.

Session Policy


*Flower Essences Therapy Session. (Zoom) 

*Intuitive Counseling Session with cards reading is also available. (Zoom)

 ¥8,000 / 90 Minutes. 

*10:00 ~18:00 Open* 

*Include Tax 

*Expect postage (Japan Post / Yu-Pack with tracking service. )



*Please use PayPal.

This payment method is very safe.



No covered by insurance. 



*We need an environment where Zoom can be used.

 I phone or smartphone or PC with microphone and Wi-Fi or wired.


Our Policy

*I will send " Your therapy flower essences bottle" to you after the session. (Shipping within Japan only.)

* Intuitive counseling session with cards reading is available for people in domestic and abroad. I am open for the repeater who are traveling or getting relocations. 


*Cancelation; 1day before the appointment /50% refund of the session fee.

 2 days before, 100% refund of the session fee.


*In some cases, I may refuse the acceptance of sessions. Thanks for your cooperation.



 I donate part of my income to the NPO organizations.

 * Caritas Japan. etc.


 * A few others.




*Bach Flower Essences, Basic Training.


*BFVEA (British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association) Advanced Practitioner Membership. (~November 2018).


*Chalice Well Essences 1Year Training in UK. Chalice Well Essences Practitioner. (~ the summer, 2018.).


(↑Why until 2018?

The UK Flower Essences practitioner's application system required holders of a Certified Practitioner to submit an annual continuation application and work report.

It was (''_'').


I 'm not a person who lives in UK. I didn't imagine about this kind of matter. I just wanted to heal my life and start my study in the high quality.

I hoped to take a sacred adventure on my true spiritual path among lovely and kind people who are serving in Christ consciousness. 

Even though I had precious experiences with them, my own Higher Self didn't tell me to keep on going. God, universe didn't look agree with that on me. 

So, I dropped 2 certifications, while I was remembering to hear that your spirit was ok and fine. 

That's how I felt at that time. (^^)


*Findhorn Flower Essences Practitioner.

(I was staying in Findhorn Community in Scotland for a few years and learning to heal my wounded self.)


*Green Man Essences Practitioner.


*I.C.G. T (Institute of Crystal & Gem

Therapists) Basic/ Crystal Healer.


 *Indigo Essences. Basic & Advanced Practitioner Training.


*ABH (American Board Hypnotherapy) 


(I am no longer active in ABH hypno's organization.)


PHI Essences. Dolphin Workshop Training. (March,2017).


*PHI Essences Practitioner.


*Usui & Modern Reiki (re-attunement)

Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ.

(I rarely use the Reiki symbols.)


* PHI Essences 1day Tokyo workshop with Andreas Korte &Ocean Essences.

(June,2023/ Online class.)   

*Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine 's Angel Tarot Cards Reader.


As many know, Doreen virtue stopped working as a New Age and dropped all angel cards associated with her around 2017. At that time, I totally agreed with her change.


At some point on my personal spiritual journey of self- discovery, I felt like to obtain a licensed license for their Angel Tarot Cards.

I was so touched by their kindness and the high quality's approach and felt warm in my heart.


On the other hand, I was not happy at all to face to people who look like live in the spiritual jungle zone. I was annoyed and exhausted by some people, including Japanese who don't respect others with the sense of fairness.


If I mention on my spirituality a little bit, I agree with " Religious, Spiritual ", "Freedom of Spirit in the Heart",

" Beyond religion, Spiritual Heart", but never with " Not religion, but spiritual",

"ET game without our original DNA cell aware."


I currently sometimes use various- Angel cards, Tarot cards and Flower cards. I observe my own mind and taking intuitive reading for myself and for my clients. It's not for fortune telling. 


*13 moon Oracle /A journey Through the Archetypal Faces of the Divine Feminine; Module1~7 Seminar. By Ariel Spilsbury.


 * " The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light by Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner. 

(I'm a personal meditator.)


"The Galactic Calendar-13moon."

(I use it daily as a meditation ritual.) 


(My Earth Birthday; Galaxy Signature-Kin 14 / IX. White Magnetic Witch.

Dream Spell / Unity.

(Western Astrology; Gemini)